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Welcome to the arm of the sofa. From this blog you will find that what I love to do most is read. And also cycle, but I haven't worked out a way to do both yet. I learnt to read in the kitchen of my parent's home and that is still one of my favourite places to read. Growing up I was fortunate enough to have a Dad who read good books and a Mum who encouraged me to read. From my Mum I now know what a precious gift that was, as in her childhood she had not often been allowed the privilege of reading time.

But the most important thing that my parents gave me was the good news about Jesus. If you don't know Jesus or why He is good news then make sure you find out. You can always ask me. If you read this blog long enough you will realise that being a Christian influences what I read and how I read it.

At this moment in my life I am working my way though 25% of my unread books. You can find out more about that on other pages, but what I am reading is what this blog is about. I try to read as widely as possible. My Mum inspired me to do this when she started buying me classics when I was twelve. I fought my way through them during my teens and then at uni my reading and book collection took off.

Now I have a full time job I try to cram as much reading as I can into my spare minutes. And some of the ways I do that are... well... a little odd. Keep reading and you'll find out what they are. And please let me know what you think about what I am reading, I'm interested to know your thoughts.

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