The Sofa Shelf

This is where you can find what is on the Sofa Shelf or what has been on it in the past.

April '15

24th Blood of the Chilled Kind
13th Something Fishy
11th Good Catch
6th Sofa Shelf
2nd April Fools

March '15

15th Burning the Midnight Oil

February '15

28th Sofa Shelf
21st Reading in a car?
16th Dickens on a Train

January '15

24th Neglect
17th Books in the snow
6th Snug as a bug on a shelf

December '14

30th What could be better than Christmas reading?
22nd Update on the Shelf
20th Sofa Shelf
15th Update on the Shelf
13th Update on the Shelf
9th Update on the Shelf
4th Update on the Shelf

November '14

27th Update on the Shelf
13th Update on the Shelf
5th Update on the Shelf

October '14

31st Sofa Shelf
24th Reading on the Shelf
16th Sofa Shelf
14th Reading on the Shelf
9th Reading on the Shelf - A Fractured Affair

September '14

16th Sofa Shelf
5th Sofa Shelf
4th Reading on the Shelf

August '14

26th Sofa Shelf
25th Reading on the Shelf
19th Sofa Shelf
18th Reading on the Shelf
13th Sofa Shelf
12th Reading on the Shelf

July '14

29th Sofa Shelf
28th Reading on the Shelf
22nd Sofa Shelf - Russian/American Stuff
21st Sofa Shelf Update
16th Sofa Shelf
14th Sofa Shelf Update
1st Sofa Shelf

June '14

30th A Day of Reading
24th Sofa Shelf - Brown and Scougal
23nd Weekend Reading
20th Sofa Shelf - Time for Reading
19th An Update

May '14

27th Why am I taking on more Books?
26th How I was Scared by a Door
19th Sofa Shelf
17th Will French Books Outnumber the English Books Soon?
6th Sofa Shelf
5th An Update

April '14

24th Formula
21st An Update
17th Crime and Commentaries
15th An Update
7th   One more Hardy
2nd  An update

March '14

25th  Some new books at the end of March
24th  An update
18th  The very first.

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