Monday, 10 April 2017

Sofa Spotlight - The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, Agatha Christie

I started to read this just after Christmas, and thankfully only the first of the stories is about Christmas. Otherwise I would still be feeling Christmassy. So yes it is a collection of six short stories featuring either Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. A slight deviation from my Poirot fest, but a little interlude of Miss Marple isn’t going to upset me at all.

So on the menu are:
The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
The Mystery of the Spanish Chest
The Under Dog
Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
The Dream
Greenshaw’s Folly

Greenshaw’s Folly was the story featuring Miss Marple and potentially my favourite one of the bunch. It is only a short story and there aren’t that many characters, but the characters that are in this are brilliant. It’s murder but you end up laughing at who gets the last laugh. I saw a dramatization of this shortly after reading it. It was good, but they had made it into a full length film so had added loads of characters and story lines. Which is fine – it was enjoyable, but I think the lighter short story is better.

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding is one that you should read on Christmas Eve with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, curled up in front of a log fire. I love Poirot in this. It features characters that turn Poirot’s genius into kindness as well. Endearing is the word I would use for it.
Other picks are The Mystery of the Spanish Chest. Wasn’t concentrating enough at the start and thought I knew who the murder was pretty much from the start. Until I realised that the person I’d picked out as the murderer was in fact the victim. Fail.

The Dream was weird, a little bit spooky, but clever.

The rest you will just have to read for yourself. If you read the whole book I reckon you have a ten day read to go at. 

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