Sunday, 15 March 2015

Burning the midnight oil

The past couple of weeks I've been doing two things: stitching and reading In Cold Blood. Both of which have sort of kept me awake a bit. You would think that I would know not to read In Cold Blood last thing at night, but I go to bed and I think "oh I will just read a little bit." And it's all fine until I switch off the light and then I hear a noise. And then I'm properly awake thinking, was that EG moving around out there or something more sinister?

Anyway I'm reading it because I find the aftermath of high profile murders like the Clutter Case interesting. I've already read The Suspicians of Mr Whicher and the reactions that people had to it were so wide ranging it just made me wonder why we all get obsessed with this kind of stuff. Like if there's a crash on the motorway we all want to look, and it's not just to confirm that it was a crash, we want to know the details. Where does this morbid curiosity come from? I guess I must have it too as I'm reading this book and yeah I want to know what happened, but some people react in crazy ways. I'll give a few examples in a later post.

But on a cheerier note I've been stitching away furiously as I try and get my stitching project done. Check out my progress below.

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