Monday, 28 December 2015

Sofa Spotlight - The Case for Faith, Lee Strobel

This being one that I had read before and not particularly enjoyed (I think it took me over a year to read it) I was interested to see if I would like it more the second time round. And I did appreciate it more this time, but I didn't enjoy it or benefit from it as much as I did from the other Lee Strobel books that I've been working my way through.

Why The Case for Faith is not as sharp or as hard hitting as the others I'm not really sure. Maybe it was the questions that he was raising were just not as appealing to me. What I did like about the book was the way it began and the way it concluded. At the very beginning Strobel goes to visit Charles Templeton who was a friend of Billy Graham but had since lost his faith in Christ. Strobel wants to know how he lost his faith and why he doesn't believe any more. Following that interview Strobel sets out to answer the objections that Templeton raised, and for me that had a lot of worth.

Overall it's a good book. I just didn't get pulled in as much as the others. Still worth a read though.

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