Monday, 9 May 2016

Sofa Spotlight - Depression: Looking up from the Stubbon Darkness, Edward T. Welch

This may not be your choice if you are looking for some light reading before bed. But that isn't a reason not to read it. Nor should you not pick it up if you don't suffer from depression or know anyone who does (but I imagine people in that last category are few).

So why would you read it? Well it has an obvious audience in those who have depression and their friends. And I think for that it works really well. It is a book you can work through together or alone, and Welch's purpose is to move your eyes from the depression and point them at Jesus. From there you look at depression and all that comes with it from the point of view of knowing who you are in Christ.

And it is that view point that makes this book valuable to everyone. It teaches you how to understand emotions in the light of the Bible and our current position before God. When you realign your vision you see life differently. 

There is nothing harsh or unfeeling in this book. It is written by someone who cares about those who suffer from depression and who understands that it is not an easy battle.

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