Monday, 25 July 2016

Sofa Spotlight - John Wesley's Forty Four Sermons

The language of this book is a bit of a challenge but I took a bit longer and got through it. There was a noticeable theme with these sermons and I can't help but wonder if that indicates something of the culture that was prevalent when John Wesley was preaching. I have done no research yet on this, but it will be something that I will be looking into in the future - I've already acquired a copy of his diary and some other journal type books courtesy of a very nice person.

Anyway back to the noticeable theme. In most if not all of these sermons there is some kind of application about not relying on good works for salvation but faith in Jesus. Which makes me wonder about the culture and hence the future research that I intend to do.

I have to say that despite the language there were some sermons that were very challenging and I did find it a worthwhile venture. What I'm not so sure about is whether or not I would recommend it. Just because it is a lot of work to understand Wesley's point and you could spend that time reading a book from one of our many current Christian writers and benefit just as much, but with less effort. But I suppose that is a matter of opinion.

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