Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sofa Shelf - Full of Murder and Mystery

So three books read this week means three more books to go on the shelf. No change in the authors though:

The Case for Christmas - Lee Strobel

This is a book that is taken from the The Case for Christ which I have just read. In terms of size The Case for Christmas is just a sliver in comparison. Anyway my aim in reading this is to see if it works as a book in its own right - and of course at the hottest time of the year it is the perfect time to be reading a book about Christmas!

Kim - Rudyard Kipling

I like Kipling. That is something that I have discovered over the past couple of months. I've tried the short novel in Captains Courageous and his short stories in The Jungle Books and now I want to try one of his longer novels. Just to make sure I actually do like his writing.

A Murder is Announced - Agatha Christie

Another one that I have watched Joan Hickson star in but I have forgotten who is responsible so it should be a surprise. I love the way that this novel starts - with an announcement in the local newspaper that a murder will happen. Intriguing.

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