Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why Short Chapters can be a Blessing and a Curse

What I like about Les Mis is the short chapters, but what I also hate about Les Mis is the short chapters. Let me explain. A short chapter is good when you want to read only a small amount, but bad if that means that you think to yourself, "it's ok I'll just read one more chapter - they're only short". Because when you fall into that trap you end up staying up far too late, and also I seem to forget that I am reading other books. 

Last weekend, my copy of Les Mis had a tour of York. It didn't see much of York (or the three different Cafe Neros that we visited) because York was just too interesting. It did however witness the three of us having problems getting to our travel lodge because the one road to it had been closed. This is us being escorted by a highway maintenance vehicle, because that was the only way we could get there: 

It took us two hours to do a journey that should have taken ten minutes! And EG and I were worried that we would arrive at the travel lodge too early and be bored due to lack of entertainment. If only we had known. 

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