Saturday, 29 November 2014

When you start a book and then forget that it exists...

This has sort of happened to me. I noticed that this had happened last night when I accidentally kicked my huge pile of books over. It was a bit of a loud crash, the intrusive sort. What made the whole thing even more unfortunate is that it happened while EG was trying to tell me a story. EG already doesn't like the stack of books - she thinks that it is ridiculous - and was so disgusted by the collapse that she walked out of the room.

While I was picking up the books I noticed one that I hadn't seen for a while. It was Intuition Pumps and Other Thinking Tools. I can remember starting it, and maybe I was liking it, but I honestly have no idea. What worries me is that I might just have to start it again. In my mind there is nothing worse than that.

In other news EG and I may have underestimated how many stars we would need for the chart. It looks like we are going to run out soon, may have to get some more in. EG is now on 54, only 12 more for her to read to reach her target. We have extended our deadline to the end of the year - mainly for my benefit so that I can catch up a bit. EG is adamant that I won't catch up, and as I have only read 29 she may have a point.

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