Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Family Trees and all that

I didn't read much/anything on Saturday. Which sort of shocked me to the core, as my plan had been to read as much as possible. But I got very distracted, both by war and ice cream.

Saturday morning saw me investigating my great uncle who died in France in 1918. I've always known that there was a great uncle who died somewhere in France, but I didn't know anything about him. Turns out he was Lance Corporal Herbert Frederick Lawrence and he was killed in action May 1918 aged just 21. This sent me on a bit of a research maze and I found out that his battalion had only recently arrived in France after spending some time in Italy.

Later in the afternoon we have a letter through the door informing us that the house we live in was a house that lost someone in the first world war. Seems to be the day for WW1 one research so I have a sneaky look at a census to see if I can figure out who lived here back then. Found out that seven people were living in our house in 1901. There are three of us living here now and we feel cramped, also we have an extension that they wouldn't have had!

After all that research (including boring EG to death with most of it) ice cream was required by all. Beautiful. Spent the rest of the evening drawing up my family tree, because if ever there was a day for family history it was Saturday.

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