Monday, 17 November 2014

How a cat took a shine to my feet while I was reading

This weekend I went to EG's home, partly to watch the Christmas lights being switched on, but also to enjoy her mum's amazing cooking. (There is no understatement there, it was brill). Given how much EG raves about how she loves to sit in her  house and read, I thought it would be rude not to experience for myself this wonderful reading location. And she was right. It was perfect. Apart from the couple of times Merlin tried to pounce on my feet. I successfully removed my feet from the over ambitious cat.

As far as Christmas lights went they were pretty good, although Santa was a bit over zealous ringing his bell. And the lantern parade looked as though every child in the world had got their parents to make two lanterns. At points I didn't think it would end, but it was a fun afternoon all the same.

When I've not been reading I have been stitching. Below is the badger that I am working on, although earlier last week it was mistaken for a squirrel. I can't think why! It has to be said that it is not my favourite stitching project. When I started I thought it would be quick because it was only small. How wrong I was! This is my third week of working on it!

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