Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Book of the Month - March '14

There are only three books that I have managed to finish in March. They are The Well-Beloved by Thomas Hardy, Compared to Her by Sophie de Witt and Wessex Tales by Thomas Hardy. Thinking back on all three there isn't any I regret reading or wouldn't read again.

My problem is that I become attached to the characters in the books that I read. And not just in fiction. A few years ago I read a compilation of letters by Charlotte Bronte. By the end I felt that I had got to know her a little bit. So much so that when the last letter in the book was a letter from her husband to inform a friend of her death I cried. At that moment in walked my housemate and asked what was wrong. "Charlotte Bronte is dead!" was my response. I think she could be forgiven for thinking that I had gone mad.

So even though I finished the books by Hardy I'm still missing those characters. However, the book that I've been thinking about the most is Compared to Her. Not because I'm attached to it, but because I still feel challenged by what it had to say. In the week since I've read it, I've learnt that I cannot change the way I think by myself. Hopefully this will mean that I will rely on God to be transforming my mind, but knowing me I will still try to do it on my own. Maybe that's why the Christian life has been called a struggle.

Book of the month goes to Compared to Her by Sophie de Witt.

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