Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Eyewitness

The first couple of chapters of The Case for Christ are made up of an interview with Dr Craig Blomberg. Together they look at the evidence of the eyewitness accounts of Jesus. I had no idea who Dr Craig Blomberg was so I had a sneaky look on Wikipedia to find out. Then I found out that if you read the chapter before wandering off to do your own research you would find out quicker because Strobel actually tells you who he is.

Anyway when Strobel wrote this Dr Craig Blomberg was professer of New Testament at Denver Seminary. He also has a doctorate in New Testament from Aberdeen University, so someone who knows their stuff

Some of the evidence in this chapter wasn't new to me, but all the same it was an interesting read. If you've ever wondered how reliable the accounts of Jesus in the New Testament are this is the chapter to read. Strobel doesn't shy away from any of the tough questions. He raises issues such as perceived contradictions, and the distance between the events that happened and when they were written about. 

What I've found so far in this book is that the experts don't try and make the evidence prove things that it cannot prove. They accept its limitations and show what it does help to prove. Strobel also asks them how the research and studying has affected their personal faith, their answers to that question were brilliant, but you have to read the book to find out what they were.

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