Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

That's the tag line for The Christ for Christ by Lee Strobel. This isn't a new book, my edition is from 1998, which I'm guessing is when it was published, but I've never read it before even though I've heard a lot about it. It's not my first encounter with Lee Strobel, I've read another of his books and I found it rather hard going.

Anyway before I tell you anymore about this book that I'm reading (196 pages in - very pleased with that in just over a week) here are some things about Lee Strobel that I found out from that most reliable of sources Wikipedia:
He was born in 1952
Has a Journalism degree from the University of Missori 
Has a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale
Was a journalist for The Chicago Tribune 
Has 14 years experience as a journalist

The blurb of The Case for Christ explains that Strobel wrote the book to explore his journey from atheism to following Christ. Part of that journey was to visit 13 experts and interview each of them about their area of expertise and what light they can shed on the evidence for Jesus. Each chapter follows the interviews and the evidence that is put forward.

There are three parts to the book: 
Examining the Record
Analysing Jesus
Researching the Resurrection

So far it's made interesting reading. Will keep you posted.

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