Monday, 18 May 2015

What's evidence got to do with it?

Different people have different ideas about what faith is. Some see it as weak thing that isn't based on reality, but for Christians if what we believe isn't grounded in reality then we are wasting our lives. The Bible says that if Jesus and His resurrection isn't for real then we are to be pitied. (1 Corinthians 15:12-19) So there is something to be said for having proof for what we believe in.

This is why I think Lee Strobel is a smart guy. He went after the evidence to see if what is wife believed in was real and if it was something he should believe too. There are stories about how different kinds of evidence can affect a case, scattered throughout the book. Apart from being interesting, Strobel covered some dramatic cases, they show that the man who wrote this book knew the value of evidence and knew how to get to the heart of an issue. 

So Strobel is smart. Because he didn't jump blindly into something without checking it out first. Both sides have had to prove their case and I think invesigating what people say about Jesus is worth the effort. What if you accept what someone says about Jesus as true and it turns out to be wrong? Given the claims that Jesus made about Himself, that could be a dangerous thing to do if He was telling the truth. 

I'm not saying that you necessarily should read this book, but I am saying that looking into the claims of Christianity is something you should do. Read the Bible for yourself before you form an opinion on it, you might think it's not true but at least you can have an informed opinion. My question is, what have you got to lose? 

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