Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Snug as a Bug on a Shelf?

It's cold and being cold is not conducive to good reading. Since the weekend I haven't done much reading, but what I have done has been good. Les Mis is no closer to ending, I have set myself a new goal of finishing it by the end of January. We will see how that goes. The biography of Dickens has been seeping into my dreams. Last night's dream involved the Russian royal family, the Tour de France and a bit of Edwin Drood all mixed together. I didn't eat cheese before bed, so I can't blame that. 

I have news of the book challenge, but right now it's too painful for me to talk about. I'll bring you that in a future post.

Of course I have been stitching, as seen below, but I have some exciting new projects in mind for this year. All the stuff I've stitched so far has been designed by someone else, but this year I want to start designing my own. It's another of my grand schemes, but I am determined for this one to succeed.

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