Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stitching and Prejudice

I've written this post with EG playing music from Pride and Prejudice, which is nice, and also my one literature reference in this post. Anyway while EG was playing the piano I tried to show her my squirrel, because I'm a little bit pleased with it. I have to admit that while she was playing the piano may not have been the best time to show her squirrel but still, it's a cute squirrel.

"What's wrong with it's nose?" Well that was just unnecessary, but she does have a point, it does have a funny nose. I've put a picture below, ten points if you can spot the tiniest French knot! 

EG has also been creative. Yesterday she got her sewing machine out. EG and her sewing machine have an interesting relationship. When I saw that it had come out I retreated to my room. A little while later when I thought it safe to venture out again, EG was fuming and calling her sewing machine a guardian of the gates of hell. So another successful creative afternoon for the two of us. Might just stick to reading.

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