Monday, 9 February 2015

Best Dickens Novel?

Reading a biography of Dickens begs the obvious question - which is the best novel that he wrote? I have a short list of some of my favourites, which I have listed below. But do you have a favourite? If so what is it and why? 

My favourites are:

A Tale of Two Cities - because who wouldn't like a novel that has a character who records the names of traitors in her knitting?

Barnaby Rudge - a tale that includes some great characters, a duel and my favourite pub in literature - The Maypole.

Our Mutual Friend - contains an intricate web of characters and, in my opinion, the best delivery of justice to a villain.

Martin Chuzzlewit - I grew up watching the BBC adaptation of this but I love the story and the eccentric characters of Mrs Gamp and Montegue Tigg, and the main character has a cool surname. 

I could add others but I suspect I may end up adding them all, which would sort of defeat the object of having a short list! Comment below and let me know what would be on your list.

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